New Year bank statements that reveal the full horror of overspending at Christmas are always uncomfortable so imagine how Jimi must have felt to learn that he had just £8 17/6d in the bank on January 23. Fortunately £1,000 landed in his account in mid-February, by which time he was £366 17/6 overdrawn, which probably sent a chill up the spine of the manager at Martins Bank in Edgware Road. After all, these rock stars can’t be relied upon to bank their income regularly.
              More seriously, this document does disclose the pitiful state of Jimi’s finances in early 1968 – after he’d been a big star for at least 18 months – and suggests that someone somewhere was probably raking it in off his back. Tony Brown submitted this for inclusion in his Hendrix Visual Documentary book but never told me where he got it. 


  1. Average salaries were around £2,000 a year in 1971, with the average house selling for £5,632 . On that basis Jimi was loaded.... http://www.theguardian.com/worklifeuk/cost-of-living-1971-today

  2. Martins Bank Archive are currently looking for the copyright holder of this statement at www.martinsbank.co.uk (go to branches and choose London, 79 edgware Road)

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